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Previous Meets 2014

Brailes November 2014

31st October till 2nd November 2014

A Fantastic Haloween weekend

weather for the time of year was great


The Hallowe'en Meet was a great success.  We followed the pattern already begun by Wendy and John so that there were cups of tea to greet travellers on Friday and then a full get together over soup, rolls, cake and gossip before the evening's entertainment began.  We had 22 units out including four DA visitors. 
On Saturday we had the second of our callers' workshops aimed at promoting new, any age, callers and they all called in the evening.  Stan and Judy organized a walk. We had a music, craft and uke session but by then the mystical feelings were beginning to show.  Amy, Molly and Wendy began to transform the members into witches, wizards, Draculas, ghosts and ghoulies!  You can see from the photos what a wonderful job they made of us.  The room was decorated with spiders' webs thanks to Rosemary and Dave and the tables were decorated with lanterns, candles, and mini beasts.  Then off to dress the part.
We had a fantastic supper with extra jacket potatoes and then the judging started - the best male costume, the best female costume and two special prizes for our junior make-up artists.  Have  look at the photos to see who you would have chosen.  Did you recognize anyone? There was even a prize for the "best" dressed table!  The evening's entertainment continued with songs, poems and dancing.  A ghoulish time was had by all.

We had a coffee morning on Sunday and no one was in a rush to leave.  Thank you to everyone who attended and made it such a success.

Sinton Green September 2014

5th till 7th September 2014
Write up by Don our Chairman
  Aptly named the 'Damson Meet', this weekend was hot, sunny and on a field surrounded by Damson trees with fruit just ripe for picking. They were very sweet and perfect for eating as the bag slowly filled. Margaret & Mervyn were stewarding for the first time for this meet and it was very well organised with everything seeming to run like clockwork.

This photo was sent in by Mervyn, our Steward for the weekend, he apolagises if anyone didnt manage to get to the soup before Don our Chairman


  Friday evening we had soup and rolls followed by our usual evening of song and dance with Gay as MC.
  On Saturday after tea, Gay ran a callers workshop which was well attended. On the afternoon we had a music session led by Gay (what would we do without her?)

The evening began with an American Supper. It must have been good because the tables were emptied very quickly.
  Lance was MC for the evening and we had Barbara & John calling a dance each for their first time. The workshop had obviously been a success.  
    Tea was accompanied by a selection of chocolate biscuits from Pam who was celebrating her 80th birthday.  

Sunday after tea many of us went for a short walk led by Judy. As usual we went the pretty route but did end up at a local pub. The weather was some of the best this year so many of us were reluctant to leave and spent most of the day relaxing and chatting in the sunshine.


Hanley Swan August 2014

8th till 10th August 2014
Photos and writeup by Tony Collins.


A small but select band of campers met up for the meet which was stewarded for the first time by Lance, Janet and Wayne. They were always on hand to help. We had some non-Folk Group campers with us and everyone made them very welcome. We had an informal night in the hall on Friday evening, various members getting up and doing turns, Angie and Shen, both called dances for the first time under the guidance of John.


Saturday morning after our usual coffee get together, some of us heard the clip-clop of several horse coming along the road. It was a caravan of Gypsy caravans, making steady progress to where, we knew not.  Our Saturday afternoon was enlivened by Stan organising a Boule competition which was great fun for all.



Saturday evening we had our traditional concert, to which some of our non Folk Group visitors came.  They fully entered into the spirit of the evening and got up for almost every dance.  John, Angie and Shen called, Steve, the two Barbaras’ Stan, Ivan and Jackie all performed for us but the high spot of the evening MC’d for the first time by Tony was the miraculous combination of feats performed by Lance. As he put it “I shall now read from a book, holding a hand microphone, whilst sitting on a chair at the same time as wearing spectacles!” His efforts were fully appreciated by his audience. We ended the evening in a five minute skiffle session in which all present took part.       




Hanbury Village Hall July 2014

18th till 20th July 2014

Hanbury is a lovely new site with a gently sloping field, pony enclosure in the corner and the hall just across the road. Jon and Jean stewarded this meet and the Friday was so hot and sunny that we all decided to stay in the field rather than sit in the hall. A very pleasant evening but just before midnight the storms began.
Some of us spent Saturday morning in a committee meeting but some went out exploring the local area. Just up the road is the Jinney Ring craft centre which filled our afternoon.
Saturday night in the hall began with an American Supper with wine provided by Jo Jackson to celebrate her birthday. John Mitchell was the MC for a very enjoyable ceilidh.
Sunday was warm and dry, and we sat out on the field for morning tea. After all the rain it was a pleasant surprise to find that the ground had drained and was still hard. No one had any problems driving off when it came time to leave. We look forward to coming here again.


Upton on Severn July 2014

4th till 6th July 2014


Just a few of us came to Upton for the annual fish and Chip Supper meet stewarded by Bob and Noreen. As usual, the sun disappeared and the rain came. Luckily there were just enough gazebos and awning for us all to shelter from the weather. After the delicious fish and chips we had a selection of cheesecakes provided by Noreen as part of Bob's Birthday celebrations. We spent the rest of the evening chatting and catching up with all our friends.


Luckily the sun came back on Saturday for morning tea on the field. Many of us strolled into town to wander looking at the sights and shops. It was strange that most of us ended up at the same pub overlooking the Severn where we sat and watched the boats while tasting the aptly named BOB bitter.



On the evening we had our usual ceilidh in the Memorial Hall with a wide range of spots and some wonderful dances from Rosemary, Liz and Stan.
Sunny Sunday arrived and, after tea and fees collection on the field, we went looking for the car boot sale. Quite an adventure  as we were sent down one road, then another, turned back from one more only to find that it was down there. We got there in the end just as they started to pack up!
A very pleasant weekend in a pretty little town

Rushbury June 2014
Group AGM

26th till 30th June 2014





Wilmcote June 2014.

13th to 15th June 2014


Write up by Don (Chairman)



What a pleasant surprise we had at Wilmcote. After negotiating a narrow drive, we turned onto what looked like somebody's immaculately cut back lawn. It even had stripes! No grass cuttings either to walk into the van. Together with the brilliant sunshine this was going to be a great weekend.


On Friday night we all went to the adjacent Social club. Bingo was available but only one of us played (name withheld to protect the guilty). The rest of us sat in a circle away from the football and had a good chat while tasting some of the various beverages available.


Saturday, after morning tea on the field, some went walking and visiting local attractions. It is very easy to walk along the canal into Stratford and then catch the train back. We were next to Mary Arden's house for the Shakespeare buffs.




On the evening we had our usual entertainment in the village hall with Bob as MC. A good night with many visitors who called dances and did spots The new microphones gave a much improved sound. As the night ended some of us went into the Social club to watch England lose their first match. Luckily the beer was a winner.



Sunday, after morning tea, some left early and the rest of us enjoyed another day of sunshine (and boules) on a great site.


Hatton Country World

16th to 18th May 2014


Write up by Don (Chairman)



Hatton Country World was a new site for us found by Judy & Stan who also stewarded the first meet there. Just a few minutes from J15 of the M40 we arrived at the site on Friday in brilliant sunshine which lasted all weekend.




We thought that we would have to use gazebos for Friday night but the managers let us use the marquee that we had booked for Saturday.


Once again, live music was provided by Ivan and we sang and danced the night away. Mick Jones sang us a song. This is only the second time I have heard him sing in public and hopefully it won't happen again (LOL)





Saturday after morning tea on the field, Judy led us on a walk through the countryside to the canal. A pleasant stroll along the towpath took us to Hatton Locks, a very famous flight of locks. here we stopped for a rest and ice creams. Then it was back to the site by the "pretty route" which is twice as long as the normal one. Others had gone out to visit local attractions such as Warwick but the high light for a two year old visitor was the chance to see Peppa Pig in the park.



We then welcomed Kath and Mick Dawes who had come to visit us, probably for the last time, as they move to Ireland in early June. After tea and a good chat we all got ready for the evening.

After a couple of songs and dances we kept Kath & Mick on the floor. They were presented with a canvas photo print of us all at the Easter Meet, a letter of thanks and cards wishing them all the best in their new life. We will miss them for all the years they have helped and supported the Midland Area in many different roles.

    Later we had a debut from (Name witheld by request) who said that it was his first public performance. After hearing him sing I am sure he has a great future as a performer and hope to see and hear him again soon.
  Sunday after morning tea we had a boules competition. Great fun especially when the jack got lost in the grass.
Although the manager said that anyone could stop for as long as they liked on the CL site we all had things to do so headed home.
A good weekend on a nice site with plenty to see and do in the surrounding area and managers who went out of their way to help us. We will be back.


Astley Village Hall

2nd to 5th May 2014


Write up by Don (Chairman)


This meet, stewarded by Liz and Brian, must have been one of the best we have had for a long time. Sunshine, nice hall and site, good company and Cheese & Wine. 26 units turned out for the weekend.




We were glad to see Shirley and Malcolm managed to make it with the help of their son.
Friday we arrived in sunshine. There was home-made soup, prepared by Liz, Gay and Von, for our tea with rolls and butter. Stan was MC for the night. Tonight, and the following nights, we danced to music from a band led by Ivan Steele. What a difference it makes.


On Saturday some went for walks and visited local towns, there was band practice, crafts and ukulele. The day's entertainment began with watching Judy and Stan erecting their tent in the middle of the field. I bet they will be glad when the motorhome is repaired.





The evening began with a cheese and wine party to celebrate the successful Easter Meet run by the Midland Area. Dave Prior made his debut performance as MC and did such a good job we will certainly get him to do it again.


  Sunday began with the AGM and Members Meeting. This was followed by a BBQ in yet more sunshine.  
    Gay was MC for the evening's entertainment. During the three nights entertainment there was such a variety of talented and gifted people that is impossible to pick out anyone but I would like to thank Freda for her singing and especially Ivan for doing a great job leading the band. We hope he will be doing this many times in the future.



Evesham and Shipston, Easter 2014

Evesham High School, 16th to 20th April
Shipston on Stour, 21st to 26th April

by Gaynor Butler, Easter Meet Co-ordinator 2014.

After two years in the planning, the Easter Meet 2014 finally arrived and with it the
good weather we had ordered.

It was held at Evesham High School in the heart of blossom country in Worcestershire. 
Vans kept rolling in with smiles and waves and our Stewards sited everyone where they wanted to be.  We had the oldest teenager in the Club on the Youth Field!

If you scroll down  you will see some of the many activities we had on offer, crafts, dances,   music, theatre and much more.  Some newcomers didn't know what to do first - there was so much to do.  We have to thank all the members who ran workshops, called and played for dances, who entertained in the Singers' Room, and took part in the Concert, the Variety Hall and the Showcase.  For my part I would like to thank Alyson, Keith and Lesley who, at the last moment, took over a workshop or a dance where the original leader was unable to come. 
Thanks also to our new workshop leaders, Barbara, Hazel, Peter, Stan, David and Roger.
Thanks also to Home Counties for deadening the sports hall and clearing it up afterwards!

We had some new items, a music shop and practice rooms and some new crafts, notably Kusudama Balls, button necklaces, a mystery quilt and spinning. I thought the craft display on the last afternoon showed what a variety of workshops were available and the standards members achieved in only a few hours.

Thank you to Alison and Stan who, because they couldn't use the sports hall floor, entertained us to a demonstration of clogging and Appalachian dance at tea time on Sunday.

The raffle and collections were fantastic but I've left Noreen to tell you about that.

I have to mention James Cox our site manager who helped in every way.  It is not often that we find someone prepared to move a piano from one room to another across the car park and back but all he said was "I'll go and get the trolley".

My team GB were, in the words of one of our Thank You cards, brilliant. They worked so hard, and were incredibly supportive. We have had some lovely comments, cards, letters and emails. 

And everyone knew where to go for information as the answers were under the hats! 

I hope you all had a good time.  We pass the baton on to Home Counties now ready for next year at

Gaynor Butler
Easter Meet Co-ordinator 2014

The Raffle
by Noreen Small, Easter Meet Raffle Organiser 2014.

Letters received from the Mayor of Evesham and The Vale of Evesham High School Link

Joyce Berry and I volunteered to organise the 2014 Easter raffle, and were delighted when Midland members decided to support two of the Mayor of Evesham charities for this year’s raffle.  They were the ‘Outside Youth Organisation’ and the ‘Vale of Evesham Special School’.  Sadly Joyce has passed away but her contribution to the organisation of the event was invaluable and very much appreciated. 

We were situated just inside the main entrance and attracted lots of interest as new and seasoned members came to book in.

People were eager to buy our tickets, especially as we had in excess of 150 good quality raffle prizes!  Monies from the raffle, Kusadama workshop, Easter Sunday Service retiring collection and the Mummers made a combined total of 
£1060.10 which was split evenly between the two chosen charities. What a fantastic outcome! 

I would particularly like to thank Rosemary, Angie, Diana and Lisa for their consistent support as well as many others – too many to mention here! 

It was great fun – thank you everyone!

The weather for the Easter meet was absolutely beautifull, the meet itself was a huge success with CCC members coming from all over the country.

A few of the things created in the Craft Workshops
A few of the photos taken from the Music Workshops

Follow On Write-up from Don

The Easter Follow-on Meet at Shipston on Stour was a great success with 69 units visiting the site.
The Monday started with brilliant sunshine as we arrived but then was changed throughout the week. We had dull cold spells, thunderstorms with an overhead thunderclap that rattled more than the windows, a day of sunshine and then a day of heavy rain. Although the field got very wet no-one had any problems leaving the site. It is a good venue for future meets.
The Chinese Takeaway was very busy on Monday night and for the rest of the week. Having it in the bar does help! Tuesday night we relaxed in the bar function room watching a slide show of pictures from Easter.
We have such a wealth of talent in the Folk Group. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday evening we danced to live music (thank you bands) and had so many people to do spots between dances that we could have carried on all night.
Congratulations to John & Jo Jackson who celebrated their 55th Wedding Anniversary on Friday. They treated us all to a wine, cake and nibbles. They then opened the night with an Anniversary Waltz.
In the daytime the local towns and NT sites had many visitors. The Tuesday street market at Moreton on Marsh was popular.
We came away happy with many stories to tell. My favourites are “Stan & Judy’s Diesel Saving Device” and “Two Old Ladies Rescued From Moreton”. Something to talk about at future meets.
Thank you to all who helped site the arrivals on Monday, did the tea and helped clear up at the end of the night.

Lower Brailes Village Hall

07-09 March 2014

A few of the photos taken at Brailes, by Mick Jones





Fantastic weekend, weather was great.

It was a good turnout, 16 units in total and I am sure everyone had a really good time.




The afternoon started with TIY (toast it yourself) toasted tea cakes, crumpets, scones, cream & jam  - some outside in glorious sunshine, organised by the stewards for the weekend John and Jo Jackson.

The evening started with Soup and rolls

The Compere for the Fri evenning was Bill, with a
selection of spots from,

Stan, Steve, Dave, Brian, Mervin, Rosemary and Ivan, Stan and Peggy, Tony, and Rosemary and Dave

Callers were.

George, John Jackson, Rosemary, Stan, Liz.


line dancing with Bill

A tune from Mervyn on his Clarinet











Bob on Triangular Banjo-thingy





Previouse meets 2013


Club Head Office, Camping and Caravanning Club, Greenfields House, Westwood Way, Coventry, CV4 8JH.